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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

DuoLife Chlorofil

Does the presence of barley juice in the Chlorofil dietary supplement make it unsuitable for people with gluten intolerance?

DuoLife Chlorofil contains young barley. According to literary sources, gluten proteins do not have enough time to develop in young barley, as it is cut 14 days after sowing, before the development of the so-called first node. Therefore, it can be consumed by people with gluten intolerance.

How is chlorophyllin different from chlorophyll, and why was chlorophyllin used in the Chlorofil product?

Chlorophyllin is a derivative of chlorophyll, a green pigment in plants, enabling them to conduct the photosynthesis. Its structure is similar not only to chlorophyll, but also to the haem molecule - a component of haemoglobin found in red blood cells and transporting oxygen. Chlorophylline has similar health-supporting properties to chlorophyll and is better than the initial compound in terms of durability and water solubility.

Chlorophylline is a valuable antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative stress and premature aging, supports the cardiovascular system and body cleansing processes. It also helps protect the body against infections and supports the elimination of bad breath.

Can Chlorofil dietary supplement be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women?

In case of pregnant and breastfeeding women, an attending physician decides about any supplementation. A woman's body during this period has specific needs; therefore individual approach and consulting your attending physician is key. Checking and defining the body's needs is necessary. Basing on interview and test results, the attending physician is able to determine which nutrients - and at what doses - are needed by a given person.

Can Chlorofil product be used with other DuoLife supplements?

Sure - Chlorofil can be used simultaneously with other DuoLife supplements. Please remember, however, to retain a 2-hour break between the intake of Chlorofil and other supplements or medications due to the presence of chlorophyllin, which can reduce the bioavailability of medicinal substances.

Can this product be used in children?

Chlorofil dietary supplement can be used in children over 12 years of age. 

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