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DuoLife Chlorofil 750ml



12 April 2019

DuoLife Chlorofil  is unique content of fully natural ingredients, it cleanses and detoxifies your organism. Natural chlorophyll reduces the acidity of our body’s internal environment. It displays a positive effect on physiological flora, supports and enhances the immune system, binds and eliminates heavy metals, and also through its nearly probiotic - like effect, it supports the regeneration and convalescence of the body exposed to chronić stress or to other threats.

DuoLife Chlorophyll is the answer for those who want to keep their organism in an optimal shape as long as possible. Thanks to its exceptional performance it is called the ‘liquid energy’. 



  • willing to stay in a good shape and maintain their energy and vitality;
  • weakened, during periods of physical and mental exhaustion;
  • exposed to chronic stress;
  • willing to maintain proper blood morphology results, vegan and vegetarian;
  • suffering from gastrointestinal disorders;
  • suffering from recurring infections, badly healing wounds;
  • convalescents;
  • elderly people/seniors.


  • antioxidative processes; 
  • immune system functions;
  • function of the hematopoietic system;
  • body detoxification functions;
  • cardiovascular system function;
  • repair processes in tissues;
  • skin well-being;
  • physiological intestinal flora function.
  • functions of the gastrointestinal tract.



  • Chlorophyllin has strong alkaline properties, it promotes the elimination of potentially damaging toxins and carcinogens from the body. It also delays the cell oxidizing processes, prevents the premature ageing and supports the elimination of free radicals. It strengthens the body immune system and promotes a healthy body. Thanks to its copper content, which just like iron, efficiently transports oxygen, chlorophyllin molecules can travel all over the body and thanks to their specific anatomy, which resembles hem present in our blood, is even called “green blood”;
  • Barley is considered to be a perfect source of soluble dietary fiber. Additionally, it has strong antioxidant properties and thanks to its rich content of vitamins and minerals, it helps to maintain acidbase balance in the body;
  • Lucerne (alfalfa) is an excellent source of proteins, therefore, it strengthens the organism, accelerates its regeneration and cleanses it naturally. It is indispensable for people who want to accelerate the process of regeneration;
  • Peppermint oil has been known and applied as a perfect antiseptic for hundreds of years. It means that it helps to cleanse our body very efficiently and it displays a positive effect on the natural physiological flora. Moreover, it helps to maintain the acid-base balance;
  • Chlorella is the richest known source of chlorophyll. Thanks to its high content of amino acids, vitamins and minerals,whose concentration is much higher than that of land plants, it belongs to “superfood” group and efficiently helps to remove toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from the organism.

An innovative combination of biologically active and natural ingredients, lack of food preservatives and taste stabilizers, guarantees the highest quality of DuoLife Chlorophyll and its improved digestibility and absorption.



Cologne List® - our voluntary commitment to clean sport

Product DuoLife Chlorophyll is in the Cologne List®, i.e. a list of products with minimised doping risk.

The Cologne List® is an initiative aimed at preventing doping, implemented by the Rhineland Olympic Centre, which wants to fulfil its duty of taking care about the leading sportspeople that it supports. The Cologne List® enumerates dietary supplements that have been tested with regard to presence in their composition of chosen anabolic steroids and stimulants by an independent scientific laboratory which is one of the leading laboratories in the world as far as analytical tests of prohibited substances in dietary supplements are concerned.

Those dietary supplements that have entered the Cologne List® are subject to a series of tests, conducted by, among others, Institute of Biochemistry at the German Sport University Cologne. The aim of the tests is control of dietary supplements and checking whether they contain substances that are significant from the point of view of doping, such as anabolic steroids and stimulants, and were not listed on the packaging of the analysed products.








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