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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno

Can the product be used by people who regularly take medicines to treat hypertension, diabetes, asthma, heart diseases and other chronic conditions.

When medicines are taken regularly, a physician should be consulted before using the product.

Is the product suitable for vegans?

Yes, the ProImmuno® dietary supplement is a vegan product. 

Is the ProImmuno® dietary supplement a natural product?

All ingredients of the supplement (including ingredients of the capsule casing) are of natural origin. The product does not contain preservatives, artificial additives and fillers, and it is free from gluten and GMO (genetically modified organisms). 

The presence of plant extracts and reserved formulas is a “biological background” for health-promoting ingredients contained in the product, and they promote the improvement of their bioavailability. Assimilation from the gastrointestinal tract is more effective and the higher amount of active ingredients can reach the bloodstream.

The direct packaging with capsules is free of bisphenol A (BPA), a compound demonstrating controversial health effects.

What is the difference between propolis and green propolis?

Green propolis is a product collected by honey bees from the Brazilian plant Baccharis dracunculifolia, which is typical of the tropical region. The name of this propolis derives from its colour, which is visible due to presence of chlorophyll in young tissues of a plant. However, the European (brown) propolis, contained in the preparation, is a product collected by honey bees primarily from black poplars (Populus nigra). Both types of propolis are considered very valuable in terms of supporting functions of the immune system. Their health-promoting effect is backed by numerous clinical trials and scientific contributions.

What does it mean that a given raw material is standardised for contents of a specific ingredient?

Standardisation of a raw material guarantees the known and constant contents of a health-promoting active substance, regardless of time and place of harvesting an initial plant. In the ProImmuno® preparation, there is a number of standardised ingredients. It is a big advantage!

How does ProImmuno® differ from other supplements from the Medical line intended for supporting immunity – ProSelect® and BorelissPro®?

The brand new ProImmuno® product from the Medical line has been developed for supporting the function of immune, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, particularly in the context of viral infections (including those induced by coronaviruses) of upper and lower respiratory tract. 

BorelissPro® supports maintaining the optimal condition of the organism, especially in the context of bacterial infections, while helping to protect the body against effects of bites of ticks and mosquitoes.

ProSelect® helps to keep optimal functions of many body systems, mainly by supporting antioxidant processes. Beta-glucans contained in the preparation foster the optimal condition of the immune system.

When is it worth trying the ProImmuno® dietary supplement?

The preparation is mainly recommended for use in the autumn, winter and spring period. Since 2020, this period should be called not only “the flu season”, but also “the coronavirus season”. 
The ProImmuno® dietary supplement is recommended for enhancing the body condition of people struggling with frequent viral and bacterial infections of upper and lower respiratory tract, as well as of healthy people, who want to take care of their immunity.
The preparation offers the support for functions of immune, respiratory and cardiovascular system.

What are the effects brought by the ProImmuno® preparation?

Natural raw materials contained in the ProImmuno® dietary supplement shows the health-promoting effect, which allows to support the body in struggle against viral and bacterial infections present in tandem with inflammation. Valuable, proactive substances may promote the direct response of the body against germs. They also help to maintain optimal functions of the immune, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, owing to which they support the optimal condition of organism that is essential for the effective fight against infections.

Can ingredients of the ProImmuno® dietary supplement help to protect the body against infections such as flu or Covid-19?

The composition of the ProImmuno® dietary supplement has been developed on the basis of a number of scientific contributions, including the scientific research rendered in 2020. In the light of them, bioactive plant ingredients contained in the preparation may promote keeping the optimal condition and immunity of the body. The well-functioning immune, respiratory and cardiovascular system is a huge “starting capital” allowing to protect and fight with infections such as flu and with infections induced by coronaviruses. The course of viral infections is highly dependent on the starting condition of the body. 

There are many substances in the preparation that show the antioxidant effects. Does it mean that is the only one ProImmuno® delivers?

Certainly not! Antioxidant properties of bioactive substances contained in the preparation are just one of many health-promoting advantages. Precious effects demonstrated by these compounds are multi-directional and far more broader. The selection of supplement’s ingredients is based on several pre-clinical and clinical studies, and published references related to viral infections (including flu and coronavirus infections – SARS-CoV-2 as well), bacterial infections, immune system and optimal functions of other body systems.

Where can I learn more about health-promoting properties of ProImmuno® ingredients, reserved formulas contained in the preparation, use of the supplement and its advantages?

We warmly encourage you to familiarise with the education card of ProImmuno® on www.myduolife.com. The card has been developed based on the latest scientific contributions related to viral infections, including those induced by coronaviruses. It is provided with the bibliography including valuable literature references.

We also encourage you to use the DuoLife product helpline and take part in webinars and conferences held by DuoLife. 

Can the product be used for children? 

No, the ProImmuno® dietary supplement is intended for use for people aged above 18. Should you have any doubts concerning the use of the preparation, consult a doctor or a pharmacist. 

To support the function of immune and respiratory systems of children aged above 6 and young people, we recommend the DuoLife SunVital® Natural Kids Formula dietary supplement, which has been developed with children in mind.

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