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How to minimize the formation and visibility of wrinkles?

06 March 2023

Wrinkles are inevitable. Wrinkles cannot be avoided, they are a side effect of aging and result from the basic conditions of our bodies. With age, more and more of them appear, mainly on the face, neck and hands. However, we can effectively counteract them. Then they will appear much later and will not be so deep. The speed of their formation and "size" is influenced by several factors, such as:

  • Excessive exposure of the skin to the sun's rays in the summer. Protecting the skin from UVB and UVA rays is the most effective way to prevent wrinkles later in life;
  • -Smoking cigarettes, which significantly accelerates the aging of the skin. If you smoke, it will develop more wrinkles over time and become grayer and duller;
  • Paying attention to facial expressions. Mimic wrinkles are formed during frequently repeated facial movements. If you often wrinkle your forehead and squint your eyes – try to remember that they are harmful to your complexion and try to get rid of this unfavorable habit;
  • Dehydration and loss of elasticity always lead to wrinkles. It is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of liquids (preferably water from glass vessels) a day. If your body is properly hydrated, the skin is hydrated and supple;

A proper balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits is crucial for the skin to stay young for a long time and without numerous wrinkles.

A diet based on easily digestible food provides the skin with vitamins and other valuable nutrients. In the care of mature skin, vitamins A, C, E and K are of great importance.

Deficiencies of these vitamins can be supplemented with 100% natural supplements. 

How can we minimize the visibility of existing wrinkles, especially at a later age? Here, the DuoLife company with the LAZIZAL cosmetics line also comes to our aid. LAZIZAL cosmetics provide all the elements of mature skin care both from the inside and the outside. It is a brand that offers a line of products with ingredients that have been researched for effectiveness. The distinguishing feature of LAZIZAL are unique ingredients based on biotechnology, which have so far only been found in products offered at a price of several thousand zlotys.

The LAZIZAL series of cosmetics is a unique combination of the gifts of nature and the knowledge of scientists. The DuoLife company, practically as the only one in Poland and one of the few in the world, has used in the LAZIZAL series cosmetics at the same time two unique and at the same time sensational components invented and used in the last two years, namely Sirtalice and Munapsys.

The advantages of the products are:

  • reduction of wrinkles;
  • firming, smoothing, nourishing and lifting of the face, neckline and neck;
  • improvement of the face contour;
  • elimination of shadows and imperfections under the eyes;
  • improving the appearance of skin pores;
  • brightening and proper hydration of the skin.


LAZIZAL products include:


  1. LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Cream.

It is an anti-wrinkle cream from the Anti-Aging line, intended for mature skin. It prevents skin aging, helps to improve the contour of the face. Its immediate and long-lasting lifting effect on the face and around the eyes, as well as its smoothing effect on wrinkles around the mouth, help to improve skin elasticity and firmness. Sirtalice, Munapsys - two active ingredients that are responsible for immediate lifting and improving the face contour.

Clinical studies have shown that after using these ingredients in LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Cream, the depth of wrinkles decreased by 13% in just 30 minutes, showing up to 34% improvement in crow's feet and a 33% reduction in lower eye wrinkles.

However, after 14 days, the volume of wrinkles decreased by 50% and their roughness decreased by 21.7%, the average smoothing of wrinkles decreased by 26%, and the maximum relief height decreased by 33.8%. 


  1. LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Serum. 

The anti-aging serum LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Serum 10ml, which is available to women, restores the skin's vitality and fresh look. Reduces dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles.

Smoothes and brightens the complexion. Formula rich in active anti-wrinkle ingredients. After only 30 seconds, a lifting effect is visible, clearly tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The product also improves the contour of the face. The lifting effect lasts up to 8 hours. after application.

This product is also available in the form of disposable sachets as - Sample LAZIZAL® Face Lift Serum 1ml

  1. LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Capsules. 

The effect of long-term changes on the skin of the face occurs after applying the cream and additional support of the supplement, which is the specially developed LAZIZAL® Advanced Face Lift Capsules - in the form of two-phase capsules containing natural ingredients of plant origin and natural vitamins, which supports the processes of collagen and elastin biosynthesis in the skin, maintaining proper elasticity and smoothness of the skin and reducing wrinkles and bags under eyes.

The naturalness index of each of these three products is 97.8%.







with an expert

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