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DuoLife Night 750ml



24 September 2020

DuoLife Day and Night Set is a specially developed formula that comes in two product bottles. The human body needs other ingredients during the day and others at night. The unique composition of natural ingredients supports the work of individual systems, depending on the daily cycle.

DuoLife DAY AND NIGHT is 100% natural dietary supplements, created for people wishing to stay in a good physical and mental shape. Additional energy for the whole day of intense work and valuable support for calming down and regeneration of the body at night. A combination of as many as 26 extracts and fruit juices, to support functions of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system, detoxify the body, improve the function of brain, liver and kidney. Hundreds of active substances, including valuable antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, to make not only each day, but also each night special.


DuoLife Night is the solution for people who want to enjoy life after a good night’s sleep and seek full regeneration of their vital forces by providing their organism with necessary substances.




DuoLife NIGHT is based on plant ingredients that support metabolism, recovery and purification processes, as well as calm, soothing sleep. It is juices and extracts that support liver, digestive tract and bone function.

  • Artichoke has a positive effect on the functioning of liver and biliary tract, helps regulate metabolism, supports protection and regeneration of liver cells. As cleaning of the gallbladder, regeneration of the liver cells, and metabolic processes in the liver are most intense at night, the artichoke extract is most effective when used in the evening, and hence its presence in DuoLife Night.
  • The recovery and protection of the liver is also supported by sylibum marianum, especially the bioflavonoid complex contained in it: sylimarin.
  • White mulberry affects the body’s carbohydrate balance; it helps maintain normal blood glucose levels, contributing to slowing the absorption of glucose from a meal.
  • Melissa supports normal sleep, contributes to soothing the body in states of nervous arousal, anxiety, insomnia and related disorders of heart rhythm and digestive tract work.
  • Vilcacora supports the immune system and cleansing processes.
  • Acerola fruit is rich in vitamin C, which supports, among other things, the condition of the skin, helps maintain its firmness and elasticity and also helps heal wounds.
  • Plum has a beneficial effect on bone functions, contributes to their strengthening, density improvement and regeneration, and is particularly valuable for the elderly and postmenopausal women.
  • Beetroot juice supports the blood-forming process, helps maintain proper blood pressure and cholesterol levels in blood.
  • Nettle is a source of silica, affects the well-being of skin, hair and nails, contributes to the proper function of joints.






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