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Collagen Day Cream 50ml



19 November 2020

Pro Collagen Day Cream is a cream designed for daily use which contains a carefully selected composition of natural ingredients and active substances.

The cream contains as many as 8 types of collagen and a complex of 5 types of hyaluronic acid.

Collagen with melanin and a formula with glycosaminoglycans from jellyfish provide proper hydration.

The lightweight, gentle texture is well absorbed, leaving the skin hydrated and taut. Regular use reduces the visibility of wrinkles, revitalises and hydrates the skin, and soothes irritation.

Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of the cream to a cleansed face every morning. Gently pat with fingertips. Wait about 15 minutes until fully absorbed.




Up to 98% Natural

Natural product in as much as 98%.


Rich of Collagen

The cream contains as many as 8 types of collagen – including valuable native and hydrolysed collagens.


High Hydratation

It contains a complex of as many as 5 hyaluronic acids which differ in particle structure and size. This contributes to moisturising both deep and superficial skin layers.



It contains as many as 8 types of collagen, a complex of 5 types of hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients. This translates into a wide, complex spectrum of the cream properties.


Marine Origin

Specially selected active substances derived from marine organisms according to the current trend “Marine organisms are a key to our youth”.


Light Cream 

Light cream-gel form.


Make-up Friendly

Make-up friendly – the cream works perfectly as make-up base.




  1. The cream naturalness index is as much as 98%.

  2. The cream contains as many as 8 types of collagen.

  3. It has a form of light cream-gel.

  4. A complex of 5 types of hyaluronic acid, which reaches different layers of the skin, was used in the cream to provide deep and multi-level hydration.

  5. Specially selected active substances derived from marine organisms according to the current trend “Marine organisms are a key to our youth”.


SKINPRO QM (HD) is a rich source of natural glycosaminoglycans from jellyfish: mucin and qniumucin.

Mucin is an ingredient with outstanding moisturising properties.

Qniumucin has a strong ability to bind water - 3 times higher than hyaluronic acid. Additionally, it protects from harmful environmental factors.




Deeply moisturises

Firms, elasticises, nourishes and regenerates

Soothes irritation

Reduces the appearance of fine expression lines, wrinkles, and furrows

Improves skin tautness




Skin starts to age biologically as soon as at the age of 25. It is when it starts to lose collagen, which determines its firmness and suppleness, thus leading to the first wrinkles. A yearly collagen loss in the skin is estimated at ca. 1%.





Connection of dermis and epidermis


Collagen fibres

Blood vessels





Collagen is the most important connective tissue protein, made up exclusively of amino acids. It binds cells together like glue (hence its name: the Greek “kolla” means “glue”) 1. The dermis is 70-85% made up of collagen. Thanks to collagen, the skin retains its cohesion, density, elasticity, and flexibility, i.e. the properties crucial to youthful appearance and absence of wrinkles. Unfortunately, at the age of about 25, the skin starts to lose collagen. Its annual loss is estimated at about 1%.

This is influenced by processes in the skin, such as:

  • natural degradation of collagen – subcutaneous tissue ceases to be elastic and begins to fold;

  • loss of hyaluronic acid, which contributes to skin dehydration – dry skin is more prone to the appearance of wrinkles;

  • weakening of the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis, which leads to dry skin and increases the harmful effects of external factors;

  • reduced sebaceous and sweat gland activity, which exacerbates skin dryness.








Store at a temperature of 15 to 25°C in a dry place, away from light sources. If the temperature exceeds 25°C, store in the refrigerator. Particular attention should be paid to compliance with storage conditions.

Care for the environment with DUOLIFE and sort waste!

After finishing the product, think about the environment. Dispose of the box, jar, bottle cap and foil lid to properly labelled waste containers. You can use the below table.

Environmental table:



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