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Toothpaste set Day & Night (2x50ml)



16 March 2020

DuoLife Day & Night Beauty Care are effective, silica-free toothpastes enriched with a huge amount of nutrients and their index of naturalness is up to 98% (according to ISO standard). Toothpastes are also adjusted to your biological clock and daily rhythm, to provide you with comprehensive protection and care of your teeth and gums. Appropriate care should take into account the variety of processes that occur in the mouth during the day and during the night rest. That is why we created two separate toothpastes, which are a response to problems to which teeth and gums are exposed both in the day and at night, while guaranteeing intensive whitening.




Abrasive agent

Abrasive agent in DuoLife Day & Night Beauty Care toothpastes, the silica, which is harmful to teeth, has been replaced by patented volcanic glass (perlite) and rice flour, raw materials with a 100% index of naturalness. This great composition ensures effective tooth cleaning. Then the right shape and grain composition of both substances can also whiten teeth without the risk of damage to the enamel. Volcanic glass levels surface irregularities and strengthens the effect of brightening the dental plaque.

Action mechanism

- traditional abrasive and whitening substances affect enamel and its structure. The most commonly used one is silica, which destroys the dentine protective coating and promotes the appearance of new cavities and decay, which can lead to many chronic diseases. The enamel damaged by silica becomes prone to further discolouration, which – to maintain the effect of white teeth, forces abrasion of its subsequent layers.

In DuoLife Day & Night Beauty Care toothpastes, as one of the few manufacturers, instead of silica we used hydroxyapatite, also known as liquid enamel. This unique raw material builds into the tooth structure, builds up subsequent layers of enamel and accelerates the remineralisation process, while enhancing the effects of whitening and keeping teeth white and shiny.

Enamel protection

– the fundamental ingredient of enamel is the prism containing millions of hydroxyapatite crystals. Personal care products which you use, your diet, lifestyle and passage of time affect its structure, subsequently affecting also the condition of teeth and gums. With age, the enamel rubs off, and the teeth become more sensitive to discolouration and cavities. DuoLife Day & Night Beauty Care toothpastes with hydroxyapatite is the best choice. Hydroxyapatite strengthens teeth and effectively protects them against external factors and processes occurring in the mouth during the day and night.


Sweeteners give toothpaste a pleasant flavour and smell, and without them brushing your teeth would be a sacrifice. DuoLife Day & Night Beauty Care toothpastes contain only natural sweeteners – stevia, sorbitol and xylitol, instead of popular saccharin or sucralose. In addition, xylitol which helps to protect the teeth from caries, favours mineralisation and supports nutritional and buffering properties of saliva. 


We don’t like:

triclosan, sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial sweeteners, fluorides, glycols, parabens, microplastic or sillica, therefore you will not find them in DuoLife Day & Night Beauty Care set.




Hydroxyapatite is a biomimetic mineral dedicated to the oral care category. Hydroxyapatite is a component of human enamel and bones, it is a source of calcium and phosphate. The material is able to build into the enamel and seal microcavities. The Tokyo Medical University has proven that hydroxyapatite prevents the emergence of new cavities - a study in children regularly washing teeth with a toothpaste including this ingredient, compared to a toothpaste without hydroxyapatite.

Volcanic glass 

This material is certified with EcoCert. Perlite is a mineral (volcanic glass), which provides a slight abrasive effect, recommended as an addition to toothpastes. It improves abrasive properties, effectively cleans dental plaque; enhances polishing effect.

Rice flour

It is an essential paste abrasive. It is worth noting that rice is gluten-free.


It features more than fourteen times lower glycemic index than white sugar, as our body processes it with minimum amount of insulin. Independent studies confirm that xylitol is able to reverse decay by up to 50%.


pH telemetry tests at the University of Zurich confirm that sorbitol "is safe for teeth", so it can be used in products bearing the TOOTH FRIENDLY logo.


It gives a distinct, minty flavour and smell. It shows the anti-inflammatory effect, stops the growth of micro-organisms.

Coconut water 

Coconuts used in the raw material are grown primarily in Thailand. Coconut water ingredients help protect the mouth by inhibiting the growth of bacteria (S. salivarius, S mutans, S. mitis, L. acidophilus) and fungi (C. albicans, C. tropicalis and A. niger).

Goji berry extract 

Material with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Hamamelis virginiana extract

It is a source of active ingredients featuring anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

Bamboo charcoal 

Bamboo charcoal is obtained from bamboo wood. Its high absorbing properties have an impact on the cleansing and whitening effect.

Indian gooseberry extract 

Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen – it is a substance that creates, among other things, gums, periodontal fibres, dentine and bones. It also provides them with the right density.

Echinacea purpurea

It shows the anti-inflammatory effect, stops the growth of micro-organisms.

Persimmon fruit 

Shows the antibacterial effect. Raw material that has an effect reducing bad odour.






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