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Aloes Intimate Wash Foam 150ml



15 July 2021

DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Intimate Wash Foam is a gentle wash foam for the intimate area care. The foam supports natural microbiome of particularly sensitive private parts, showing probiotic and prebiotic effect. It is the only wash foam on the market which contains aloe stem cells that restore skin balance and strengthen the protective barrier against harmful external factors. The product helps maintain natural pH and care for healthy intimate microbiome. 

DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Intimate Wash Foam is a highly effective cleansing and caring solution for intimate parts from the umbrella brand DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes based on highly concentrated natural ingredients. The line of aloe dermo cosmetics makes use of beneficial properties of aloe, with the richness of active substances working in synergy with aloe or complementing its action, extending the care properties of the cosmetics.

The protective power of aloe stem cells, which have much stronger effect than commonly used aloe extract, along with betaines combined with three prebiotic complexes, strengthening the skin barrier and making it less prone for all kinds of irritations, allowed us to create DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Intimate Wash Foam - an intimate wash foam that cleanses, hydrates, and soothes all irritation and redness. It also cares for healthy pH of the skin and the intimate areas.





Do not use traditional, basic soap to cleanse sensitive body parts. Choose only preparations dedicated to intimate hygiene, which:


  • have appropriate pH, thanks to which they don't disrupt the natural vaginal microbiome,
  • remove excess discharge, neutralise unpleasant odours, hydrate mucous membranes and refresh. 







The product has a very high naturalness index - as much as 97.8%.




A plethora of active substances that act in synergy with aloe.



The only intimate wash foam on the market that includes aloe stem cells (Aloe Barbadensis Callus Extract). These are technologically advanced, natural ingredients that restore skin balance.


Wide spectrum of action. The foam soothes, hydrates, replenishes and supports natural microbiome of particularly sensitive private parts, showing probiotic and prebiotic effect.



DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Intimate Wash Foam is a remarkably gentle foam with unique, yet innovative composition that provides a broad spectrum of effects for one of the most sensitive parts of our body.



Natural product - in as much as 97.8%



Aloe Vera

The only intimate wash foam with aloe stem cells.



Broad spectrum

Broad spectrum of action: soothes, hydrates, supports natural microbiome by reducing tendency towards irritation and redness.



Probiotic + Prebiotics

care for natural skin microbiome. Probiotics are the "good" bacteria that protect skin against pathogens which cause inflammations and infections. A prebiotic is a cultivation medium for the "good" bacteria, fostering its growth.


Acid pH

maintains healthy skin pH of the private parts.



Powered by nature

Aloes Beauty Care line is based on natural ingredients, drawing what's best from them. 




No SLES, SLS, parabens.



Silk Formula

Silky foam provides gentle application and soothing effect.





Aloe stem cells:

several times more powerful effects than aloe extract; have a soothing effect, protecting the skin from the harmful effects of irritating agents; restore skin balance; stimulate epidermis cell regeneration and improve skin protective barrier.


Aurafirm S

restores balance to the skin and maintains the proper level of the skin microbiome; helps the -good" bacterial flora to proliferate; strengthens the microbiological barrier of the skin, making it less susceptible to infections and inflammation.



deeply moisturises the skin; makes the skin silky and soft; soothes irritation, soothes sore skin and redness.



Honey extract:

inhibits proliferation of bacteria; has nourishing, moisturising and regenerating properties; reduces itching.



Lactic acid:

ensures proper (acidic) pH of the skin in intimate areas.



Sabosol RF

has gentle emollient properties, preventing dryness and flaking of the skin; supports the regeneration of the lipid barrier of the skin.




natural prebiotic based on inulin extracted from chicory root; proven effect in restoring the balance of the skin microflora; provides skin barrier protection and helps restore the microflora.



penetrates deep into the skin; supports the moisturising and soothing effect.









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